Harding-Estell Women’s Missionary Society

Living Faith CWC Church

Harding-Estell Women’s Missionary Society (WMS)

Dr. Gloria E. Bullock, D.D.S., President

The Harding-Estell WMS was named after the late Floy Jean Harding-Estell, mother of our First Lady, Dr. Gloria Estell Bullock.   As a child, Floy Jean attended Sunday school, Bible School, and Christian Endeavor, where soon she learned to know and love the Lord.

Throughout her life, Floy Jean served in many clubs and organizations. One of her greatest joys, however, came from working with the WMS.  Through this organization, she extended her love and compassion to those in need. We are committed to the ideals and character traits exemplified by Mrs. Floy Jean Harding-Estell.

What is the Women’s Missionary Society?

The Missionary Society is an extension of the church just like a Buick is an end product of General Motors manufacturing. Like soldiers on the battlefield, missionaries are individuals that make up a body of people who unselfishly give of their time and energy helping others.  Missionaries are sensitive to the needs of others. Their lifestyle is that of feeding and housing the neighbor’s child while raising their own. Performing the many tasks that missionaries are called upon to do is helping to obey God’s great commandment.  Missionaries persuade the non-believers with their words of love and their caring actions and are often found serving in a private soup kitchen or feeding the hungry out of their homes. They also have a reputation of offering shelter to the unwanted. {Matthew 25:31-46}.

We believe in reaching beyond the walls of the church and letting others see the love of God through our actions. Some of the missions work we are involved in is shown below:

  • Provide support to the AIDS/World Hunger Relief effort
  • Provide ongoing support to Missionaries in Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa
  • Provide ongoing sponsorship of several children in foreign countries through Compassion International
  • Provides College Scholarships
  • Since 2001, provides gifts to an average of 75 children per year through Project Angel Tree in collaboration with Prison Fellowship Ministry International.
  • Provided to the Darfur Stop the Genocide Relief – Sudanese Relief Campaign.
  • Provided enough support to the “Food for the Poor” effort to build 6 homes for the poor in St. Thomas, Jamaica.
  • Provided support for Hurricanes Katrina and Rita survivors.
  • Privided support for victims of fire in Zambia, South Central Africa.
  • Provided support to Christian Outreach Ministries Int’l, Nigeria, West Africa, Rev. Dr. Yvonne and Rev. Victor Bassey, Co-Founders.
  • Provides ongoing sponsorship of 21 orphans in Zambia, South Central Africa.
  • Provides support to Faith Bible College, Bombay, India.
  • Provided support for Haitian relief effort.
  • Provides ongoing support to needy families through our “Balm of Gilead Basket” Ministry.