Luna May Picart Nursing Home Ministry


“WHEN I WAS SICK…” {MT: 25:31-46}

Mission Statement

“We, the Family of Living Faith CWC Church, seek to share the Full Gospel message with the ‘unchurched and churched’ population within our community. We believe in the Biblical mandates regarding Family, Faith, and the ministry of Reconciliation through Jesus Christ.  As a community of Living Faith, we endeavor to proclaim the Gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ by teaching, preaching, global evangelism, and Christian nurturing.”

History of Commission

Pastor Bullock’s vision consisted of seeking out those in nursing homes because “Caring for People God’s Way” most especially includes the elderly and those who hurt. So he charged his Board of Stewards to “go and find them”. In 2001, Living Faith held its first Holy Communion service at Abbington Nursing Home in Roselle, IL. This became the first of five nursing homes (including Winfield Woods of Winfield, Lexington Health Care of Streamwood, Friendship Village of Schaumburg, and Glenview Terrace of Glenview, Illinois) that we now visit each month.


Pastor Bullock invites those present to become a member of the family of God, receiving Christ as both Lord and Savior, and then serves communion to an average of 125 residents per month. Members pray for, sing with, talk and listen to, hold hands and give warm hugs to the residents during these monthly visits. Love bags filled with goodies are also given to the residents. But our ministry is not limited to these monthly visits. Members of the Commission also visit residents during the week – just to spend time listening, encouraging and praying with them because the needs of the residents are so great.

Each month prayer request cards from these visits are submitted to our Prayer -Fasting & Benevolence Ministry. Each petition is carefully handled. Case follow-up visits to the Nursing Homes are a part of our protocol to ensure that spiritual and emotional needs are being met. We now have many praise reports of healings and of residents being encouraged through our visits and phone calls.

During the holiday season, members of Living Faith make and distribute Christmas stockings and assemble the residents for Christmas caroling. Volunteers are welcome to join us.

We are blessed by the residents as well. Many share their praise reports of what God is doing in their lives as well as in the lives of their families. To God be the glory for the marvelous things He’s doing.

Nursing Home Visitation Schedule

Our monthly visits to the nursing homes are on Saturday and Sunday of “First Sunday” weekends.

“Thank You Living Faith…”


“I am writing this letter in regards to Pastor Larry S. Bullock of Living Faith Church in Hoffman Estates, IL. He is a volunteer at Winfield Woods, a small Nursing Home in DuPage

County. He comes to the facility once a month in order to provide communion service to the residents. Along with members of his church, Pastor Bullock also donates clothing for the residents. The donation of his time, services, and clothing is much appreciated by the residents and staff of the facility. He has established a great rapport with Winfield Woods, and the residents look forward to services with him each month.”


Niquitta Berry, Assistant Administrator

“Residents of Abbington would like to thank you for your wonderful service and time spent in our facility. Our residents look forward to your visits. Thank you for your kindness.”

P. Newlin, Activities Director

“Pastor Bullock and his church members have been a wonderful addition to our recreational program at Friendship Village’s Health Care Center. Pastor Larry and his volunteers bring an element to their program like no other I’ve seen.   They reach out and connect with our residents and leave them with a strong sense of faith and love with the Lord.  Our residents look forward to their monthly service and benefit spiritually from their outreach into the community.”


Leslie Bluege, HCC Activities Manager